The teammembers of the legendary Breslau Eleven
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In 1937 this team was victorious over Denmark by 8:0, according to Dr. Roland Kraft. Referee had been A. Krist from Czechoslovakia. The team formation was a perfect example of the WM system, created by Herbert Chapman, former FC Arsenal trainer. One characteristic of the WM system was to put the middle halfback, used in the scottish furrow, in a lower position, as well as both inside forwards, so to form a W and M - more information on this and other football gamesystems can be found on wikipedia, starting with WM-System, from there go to the Schottische Furche which will lead you to the english version of formation - association football, including the 4-3-2-1 or christmas tree formation!

A remarkable detail

Mr. Fritz Becker, owner of a bus company located in Breslau at that time, used to drive this team around. There exists a fotography showing the players, team manager Nerz, Sepp Herberger and Fritz Becker (in the left corner, wearing a garrison cap. After the war the company became Beckers Busse Bielefeld.
I express my thanks to Klaus Becker, son of Fritz Becker, for handing out the time documents and telling the story about the breslau eleven. Roland Kraft, who used to be initiator of my interest in this team, died these days, too early and unexpected. You would have loved it - Roland. Jakob Janes Münzenberg etc. - you literally enumerated them in your sleep...

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